How to Skip Maven Cobertura Coverage Check when Skipping Unit or Integration Testing?

The Cobertura Maven Plugin provides Cobertura features within the Maven 2 and Maven 3 environment.  On the other hand, the Maven Surefire Plugin will execute unit and integration testing during the Maven test phase.  These 2 plugins are some of the most popular Maven tools to help developers to ensure their code quality. In addition, it helps the […]

Open URL in iOS Chrome instead of iOS Safari without Jailbreaking

Google has just released the long waiting iOS version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Although it is just an enhanced version of mobile webkit minus Apple’s super fast Javascript engine, the tight integration with the desktop Google Chrome already makes me to switch to it as my default mobile web browser. However, Apple doesn’t […]

Microsoft Active Directory Authentication with Java using Spring Security 3.1.0

Overview The directory service is a software service stores, organizes, and provides query functionalities of a directory. Almost a century ago, the telecommunication companies create and manage phonebook directories. With their expertise, the telecomm introduced the X.500 Directory Access Protocol (DAP) specification. LDAP, stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, was created to be a lightweight […]

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Web Service Endpoints with JSON Using Jersey

In my previous posts, I had discussed quick hacks of using Spring MVC framework or Jersey to implement RESTful web service endpoint using XML, JSON, and JSONP.  What is JSON-P exactly?  JSON-P or JSONP is a hack script tag injection that passing the response from the server in to a user specified Javascript function. The web […]

Fixing iPhone 4 iOS 5 Slowness Problem

Does your 2 years old iPhone 4 getting slower and slower? Does your iPhone 4 take a long time to open Facebook iOS app? Does your iPhone 4 start getting slow response with the virtual on-screen keyboard? Does your iPhone 4 even stop responding and hang? If your iPhone 4 falls into any of these […]